coaching & skills

freediving is a unique sport… it is the only sport where athletes are trying to achieve great physical performance without the most basic human need – to breathe

in order to achieve performances that allow them to surpass what the science community thought possible for a human being underwater, top freedivers train using special techniques - these techniques can help you gain valuable skills to use in your everyday life

British champion freediver Liv Philip delivers workshops and one on one coaching that relate lessons learnt as a top level athlete back to all contexts of life to business people, sports people and performers, specifically aimed at closing skills gaps

sessions are tailored to your specific needs and the can be adapted into various formats:


freediving skills for life workshops

these short workshops are typically office/classroom based and can follow an establish program schedule or custom designed to your requirements

they are run by a top freediving athlete and so are designed to be fun, dynamic and interesting, and to encourage individuals or small groups to participate and develop

skills taught in the workshops include:

  • techniques for staying calm and focused under pressure  
  • correct breathing & controlling the heart rate
  • working as a team & communication skills
  • observing the needs of others & building relationships   
  • building the trust of people around you
  • confidence