freediving is an incredible sport that allows everyone to take a step into the beautiful element that surrounds us on our planet, and discover more about yourself, on just one breath of air

we create and run a wide variety of events for small and large companies, using freediving as a theme to inspire people and develop skills. We can support day-long team-building events, speaking at conferences or after-dinner, short project kickoffs and ice-breakers

we run days either at bespoke venues or at your own facilities. British Freediving Champion Liv Philip can also offer customised away days at further flung destinations to introduce you or your group to the sport of Freediving in warm water

please contact us and we can discuss your requirements. e:


freediving adventure days

freediving Adventure Days provide an unforgettable activity for groups, a unique opportunity to try the sport of Freediving

learn how to control your heart rate and how to keep each other safe, after which you can experience freediving for the first time in a warm pool. You will find out how you can use your body’s natural reflexes to safely hold your breath like a seal, how to use a "mermaid fin" and swim like a fish

what would a typical day would involve?

  • we love Freediving! So we are very excited to get to tell you all about it in a presentation with some beautiful footage and photos of us in our underwater world.
  • then we'd show you how to calm your mind and focus.  We'll explain some mind control techniques, you will start to learn about your heart beat and how the body adapts to being safely underwater.
  • we teach you how to breathe! Yes really, as we are pretty sure you have never been taught, and we want to show you how to do it best so that you can slide beneath the water and see why we love freediving so much!
  • then we will get in the pool and you will have the chance to try some breathhold games under the watchful eye of our experienced team, and for the more adventurous a chance to swim like a fish using a mermaids tail or monofin

adventure days are ideal for rewarding company employees, client entertainment, or for sports clubs, birthday parties and other special occasions


team building days


team building days are aimed at bringing a group together, working on communication skills, trust and recognising others’ needs

we use lessons from the discipline and challenge of freediving to bring teams together, allowing them to learn about themselves and the rest of their team

the day would include:

  • an introduction presentation with beautiful footage & photos telling you about what the human being is able to achieve as a freediver on a single breath
  • some classroom/office based exercises to introduce you to to the mind based aspects of freediving and get you working together
  • optional pool work* where under the watchful eye of our qualified team you can help one another discover freediving for the first time.

the day brings a group together, works on communication skills, trust, recognising others’ needs, and allowing people to learn about themselves  in a new and challenging environment

* there is an option for people to join-in for the dry activities and watch the pool work from the side if they don’t want to get wet

 everyone is given a wetsuit for the pool work to keep them warm and happy


speaking engagements

British Champion and World Championship medalist Liv Philip is available to as a speaker to provide interesting or educational talks accompanied by beautiful pictures, videos  and firsthand accounts into the underwater world

Liv will provide a talk around your criteria that will have your audience gripped. Liv has done talks for some large audiences including the Royal Automobile Club in London and can provide references on request.

Liv believes that sport in the community and positive role models for kids are really important, so please contact us if you would like us to visit your school or community group about the positive affects of staying healthy and active


short kickoffs and icebreakers

we can help you to start or end an important meeting or small conference in a fun and informal way

we briefly describe the sport of freediving (using powerful visuals) and some of the lessons we've learnt that are applicable to achieving your goals

we then do a small breath hold exercise, providing participants the chance to do something fun and different to kickoff your project

this can be done over 1-3 hours at your venue


event displays: underwater performance art

we bring together a team of top level freedivers, to create beautiful displays and underwater story-telling in tanks, or swimming pools

a display can bring a unique talking point and focus to any kind of event!