freediving coaching

Whether your brand new to freediving or you've been doing it for years, Liv can help you with coaching. She has a track record of developing a number of the country’s leading freedivers and has taught many members of the UK team over the years.

Coaching is not just for competitive freedivers though, if you just want to improve your snorkeling duckdives to look cooler on holiday, then we can help with that too!

we see coaching as a relationship based on teamwork and we provide advice and training tailored for your goals, needs and available time.

coaching can consist of training plans, coaching and in-water skills sessions. for more information please contact

training plans

  • a custom made training plan, created for you to help structure your training and achieve your Freediving objectives
  • after you've filled out a training evaluation, Liv will work with you to agree an overall plan and then specific training schedules covering 4-week blocks
  • you provide regular feedback so that adjustments can be made and you progress over each 4-week block


  • as well as providing a training plan, Liv acts as a full coach, able to offer ongoing advice and support
  • advice includes anything from specific instructions and advice on how to best approach your training, discussing how you feel if something goes well, to what to do if you miss a session with a cold
  • our emphasis is on fun sessions and motivation, and your training will reflect this!
  • coaching advice is provided by text, skype, phone, or email

in-water technique sessions

Liv is one of the world’s top divers and has learnt the techniques required to freedive over many years of being in the water alongside friends in the international freediving community. This means you will get the most up-to-date training techniques possible

Specific technique sessions can be tailored to your needs and are available as one-to-one or in small groups - common coached sessions that we run include:

  • no-fins kick and arm-pull techniques
  • equalisation
  • monofin techniques